Southern Classic Estates is based out of St. Clair County, Alabama.  We have been in business for several years and have conducted sales all over Northern and Central Alabama.  We are committed to provide our customers with honest representation and quality service.

Pricing is based on our experience and knowledge of the market and takes into consideration both geographic location and economic conditions.

We use our reference library, internet sources and individuals with expertise in specific areas to place values on items to be liquidated.

We can sell anything that is legal and documented safe to be sold.  Fine antiques, collectibles, clothing, costume and fine jewelry, furniture, tools, appliances, name it, we can sell it!

Southern Classic Estates works on a percentage basis of the total sale proceeds.  There is no upfront cost.  The fee is deducted from the money collected at the sale.  The percentage is based on the size of the estate.

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